Port Freeport is maintaining regular service levels and normal terminal operations.  All terminals along the Freeport Harbor Channel are operational and conducting business as usual.  

Port Freeport’s Administration Building is not open to the public. County-mandated preventative measures are in place to protect the health and safety of Port, terminal, and transportation workers and the community. For questions regarding visitation to Port Freeport’s Administration Building, please call 979-233-2667, and someone will be available to assist you.

Information regarding any changes to operations at Port Freeport will be distributed via the Port’s website, the Port’s emergency notification system and other means as needed.

Considering the health and safety of our workforce and the need for business continuity supporting the efficient movement of commerce, Port Freeport is working closely with, and following instruction from, the United States Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, the Center for Disease Control, the Texas Division of Emergency Management, and the County Health Department.

Preventative measures are practiced at Port Freeport following the direction of the CDC and state and local health departments:

  • A mask or face covering worn over the nose and mouth must be worn when inside a commercial entity or other building/space open to the public
  • Six feet of social distancing is encouraged for all employees and all individuals entering the Port
  • Enhanced routine daily cleaning to include disinfecting all surfaces on a continuous basis, including elevator buttons, stair handrails, counter surfaces, and seating
  • Additional hand-washing stations have been placed throughout the Port
  • Informational posters provided by the CDC are posted throughout all Port facilities
  • Flyers regarding preventative measures are being distributed at gates of entry
  • Meetings are being held by phone when possible
  • Encouraging remote work environment where possible

Anyone that exhibits any symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their healthcare provider or the Brazoria County Health Department and self-isolate to limit exposure to others. 

Local COVID-19 cases are being investigated by the Brazoria County Health Department.
Residents who have questions concerning COVID-19 can call the Brazoria County COVID-19 Information Line at 979-864-2167, for non-health related questions call 979-864-1898, Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

We appreciate everyone’s commitment to the health and safety of our workforce and community.  We will continue to closely monitor and respond to COVID-19 and support any decisions and directions of our federal, state and local agency partners to protect the health and well-being of our community. 


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), along with the U.S. Coast Guard monitor and track all foreign and domestic vessels entering the US from foreign ports.  CBP monitors not only the vessel but crew and passengers.  CBP monitors crew and passengers specifically coming from certain countries both directly and their recent travel history (i.e did that ship/crew/passenger enter a specific country within the past several stops).  CBP can prohibit the crew or certain individuals from departing a vessel in port due to their history of entries/exits.  

The USCG also follows regulations regarding vessels destined for U.S. ports:

In addition to regular communication with CBP and USCG, our Director of Security/Emergency Response and Safety Coordinator are participating in the weekly State Health Services Department conference calls and the national CDC conference calls to monitor the situation.  

We will continue to closely monitor this matter and support any decisions and directions of our area, state and federal agency partners to protect the health and well-being of our community.


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