Steering The Ship Towards Growth And Innovation

Port Freeport's Commissioners are each elected to six year terms by the voters of our navigation district. Every two years two commissioners must run for re-election, as they serve staggered terms. Port Freeport has an annual economic impact of $149 billion dollars per year and is currently ranked 15th in total tonnage out of 300+ ports serving the United States.  For additional information on the Port Commission election process, please visit the Elections and District information page.

John Hoss

Chairman, Pos. 2, Pct. 1

Rudy Santos

Vice Chairman, Pos. 6, Pct. 4

Dan Croft

Secretary, Pos. 5, Pct. 3

Rob Giesecke

Asst. Secretary, Pos. 4, Pct. 2

Ravi K. Singhania

Commissioner, Pos. 3, Pct. 1

Shane Pirtle, P.E.

Commissioner, Pos. 1, At Large