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Exponential Expansion


Port Freeport boasts a central and accessible location just 60 miles south of downtown Houston, as well as a wide open area of acreage for further expansion. Our port is home to a wide range of commercial enterprises and industrial businesses. We continue to take steps to expand our infrastructure and capabilities to accommodate rigorous demands.

Harbor Channel Deepening and Widening Project

Port Freeport plans to deepen the entrance and jetty channel under an Army Corps of Engineers Approved General Reevaluation and Review. The Harbor Channel will be deepened from 46 MLLW feet to 56 MLLW feet.

Velasco Container Terminal

Alongside Berth 7 of Velasco Container Terminal is 46 feet of water. As a part of the deepening and widening project, the depth will be increased to 51 feet alongside. Additionally two future berths will be constructed to achieve a minimum of 2,200 linear feet for the berthing of Panamax to Post-Panamax class vessels.

Acres are concrete paved and 35 acres of limestone area, with this additional development it will increase the area to about 90 operational acres. As a part of the expansion plan for Velasco Container Terminal, the land directly behind Berth 7 and future Berths 8 & 9 will also be developed.

port freeport expanding again


In 2017, Port Freeport handled approx. 100,000 TEUs. Once phase 1 of the back land development is complete, there will be 90 acres available for container operations. This area is estimated to have a capacity of 800,000 TEUs annually.


Port Freeport also has plans to install additional Post-Panamax Gantry Cranes to expedite the cargo operations for the larger ships that will be arriving.

port freeport is growing

The final phase of the Velasco Container Terminal expansion is to develop and additional 130 acres of back land in order to achieve 1.5-2.0 million TEUs per year.

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expansion happening at freeport

expansion at port freeport

port freeport is expanding

port freeport expansion

expansion port freeport

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