protective services

Protective Services is the team within Port Freeport that protects the Port Freeport Community from various levels of threats and hazards. The team utilizes modern day techniques to seamlessly integrate multiple rings of protection to promote a safe and secure maritime environment. Protective Services concentrates on many areas including safe vessel movement, personnel/community safety, homeland security, facility security, environmental safety, and cyber security. 

The Mission of Protective Services is to protect the Port Freeport Community against all hazards through prevention, identification and elimination, to ensure free flow and the protection of commerce, and to identify and mitigate all threats towards the Port Freeport Community.


Read USGC's Security Zones for Freeport Click Here
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Security Patrols
& Gate Operations

Security Force

The main focus for Security Forces at Port Freeport is to provide protection for personnel and facilities within the Port's secure and restricted areas along with remote Port locations. Additionally, Security Forces provides waterside protection for key assets such as docks, the harbor entrance, commercial waterways and high-valued vessels. Additionally, Security Forces is always striving to improve port-wide maritime security risk management to assure the safety of our community.

Cyber Technology

Port Freeport is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it come to cyber technology and security. To accomplish this goal, Port Freeport has developed a highly trained team of cyber technology experts which implements the latest high-tech solutions to mitigate risk whether it be a physical security or network vulnerability concern. This group of subject matter experts manages and oversees vital port infrastructure in relations to the IT network, wireless security, physical security, fire detection, and communications.

Port Safety

The Port Safety group concentrates on assuring that the waterways and port community stays safe. Working closely with various response agencies and Port Freeport partners, this team develops and oversees programs which identifies vulnerabilities in port safety and supports the prevention, detection, response, and/or recovery from an emergency incident within the Port Community.

port security

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port freeport protective security

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Want to learn more about the safety and security requirements when visiting Port Freeport?

Read our Security and Safety Guidelines documents


Visitor Information

When entering a Port gate complex or visiting any Port facility, visitors without a Port Freeport identification card will be required to sign in at the applicable point of entry. When signing in at a gate or the EOC, all visitors must possess a valid government issued photo identification as described in Section 6 when signing in:
Visitors requiring a TWIC escort will be asked to wait outside the Restricted Area until their escort arrives. If needed, these visitors may wait at the EOC located at 801 Navigation Blvd, Freeport, TX, 77541. It is the responsibility of the person authorizing entry to ensure non-TWIC persons entering the Port Restricted Area are properly escorted. Port Freeport will verify the assigned escort is a trained and authorized escort.

Verbal or phone authority will be accepted only under extreme circumstances and approval must be given by the Security Sergeant or above.

Groups Of 5 Or More

For groups larger than five (5) who are visiting the Restricted Area of the Port, email the EOC at with the following information for each visitor:

  • Full Name of the Tenant or Port Representative
  • Visitor’s Full name
  • Photo ID Number (must match the photo ID that the visitors will have in their possession when signing in)
  • TWIC ID Number (if applicable)
  • Visitor’s Company Name
  • Visitor’s Phone Number
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