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Port Freeport held the 23rd Annual Take-A-Child Fishing Tournament Logo Drawing Contest from mid-January through mid-February and invited all students of the ages 3-14 and pre-k to 8th grade, within the Navigation District to participate in the annual contest.

Prizes were awarded to first through third place, with the first-place winning drawing being the featured logo on the event t-shirts and advertising for the tournament. The Port Commission, staff and visitors voted anonymously for their favorite drawing from the top finalists. Each drawing entry received a participation ribbon as a thank you. The top 16 finalists received a gift card for their effort and the youth organization with the most entries received a gift card for their art department.

2023 Press Release
2023 Winning Logo

2nd Place drawing
3rd Place drawing

2023 Top 16 Logo Drawing Finalists click here
Past Winning Logos Video click here

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