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Improving Continuously to Protect the Texas Environment

Through continuous improvements, Port Freeport wishes to seek methods to prevent and reduce any negative impact on the environment resulted by our activities or services. Port Freeport is committed to protecting our environment for generations to come.

Responsible Productivity

As a port authority on the Texas Gulf Coast, Port Freeport has an obligation to its community and future generations to protect the environment. For that reason, Port Freeport wishes to find the best solutions that provide a positive impact to our environment.

Port Freeport aspires to be a positive influence and demonstrate responsibility in terms of how its activities impact the environment. This means we will continue to formulate new ideas and methods whose direct influence on the environment will be at a minimum.

environmental policy barges at port freeport

Barge shipping has a CO2 emissions factor of 16.41 grams per ton mile compared to 171.83 for trucks

moving cargo by barge at port freeport

Barges move one ton of cargo 576 miles per gallon of fuel. Rail car moves the same cargo 413 miles and trucks only 155 miles.


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port freeport environmentally friendly


Port Freeport is fully committed to conducting Port activities in a proactive manner that is protective of the environment, through management and staff commitment, public outreach and regulatory compliance.

Management and Staff Commitment

Port Freeport’s Port Commission, Management and staff are committed to the protection of all aspects of the environment, while applying the principles of continuous improvement.

Public Outreach

The Port is committed to providing public outreach and leadership on environmental issues. The Port will make this policy available to its staff, tenants, customers, vendors, and the community.

Regulatory Compliance

Port Freeport will comply with all applicable environmental regulations and other requirements while promoting sustainable growth and development.

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