Move Your Business With Ease


When companies are looking to relocate, the important factors to keep in mind include location, proximity to distribution routes and their impact on distribution costs, time involved to resolve issues and preparedness. Port Freeport, just an hour from Houston, has much to offer.


Be At The Center Of It All

Texas Highway 288 from Freeport into Houston is a direct and quick route into the energy capital of Houston and the second largest manufacturing zone in Texas.

Just 3 miles from the open sea, 45 minutes steaming time. The Port offers five conventional berths and one deep berthing area to its customers and potential customers. The main channel offers a water depth of 46 feet MLLW and a width of 400 feet and will accommodate Post-Panamax vessels.


The port has about 1,400 acres of land, environmentally mitigated, and ready for industry.


Approximately 7,000 acres is available for either developed facilities or raw land and all are accessible by water, highway and rail.


Clients can utilize their MIS systems and staff on site to eliminate problems with communication, EDI, customer service pickup and release complaints and rework.

In conjunction, Brazoria County offers a wealth of educated and skilled labor. The county welcomes new growth with deferred tax incentives and Tax Increment Financing Zones. The Port also has the additional benefit of the Foreign-Trade Zone No. 149


Perhaps most telling of the incentives is a location where the public-private partnership is high. The private sector must be interested, and even competitive, about bringing in jobs to its area. Some of the following area common economic benefits companies can expect:

  • Sale of useable land or buildings
  • Full, partial or deferred tax abatements
  • Infrastructure grants
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Enterprise/trade/duty-free zones
  • Energy cost abatement
  • Tax credits


"We're in the Houston commercial zone which covers 3 states, and that's just local deliveries."


— Phyllis Saathoff
Port Freeport Executive Director/CEO

We'll Help You Relocate Smoothly

Marketplaces throughout the country are growing sophisticated in their goal to win new businesses to their hometowns, to create a vibrant economy with good-paying jobs, infrastructure and promise for the future.

Relocation implies that a new location is better suited to a company's existing business. Because location is such an important ingredient in a successful move, many aspects of the ideal property should be considered.

Ensure that the title survey, topography and soils reports are available on the property. Are there wetlands and, if so, is there a mitigation plan? Is there an environmental report? Calculate the labor costs based on wage rates for the county and understand the union/non-union situation. Know what the unemployment rates are for the area considered. Estimate the energy costs. Figure taxes and learn if there are incentives for new businesses moving into the county.

relocating to port freeport

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