frequently asked questions about port freeport

Our Answers

Here you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Port Freeport. For additional or specific inquiries, please call (800) 362-5743.

What is the capacity of the Port's crane(s)?

The Port has a Gottwald 280 Crane with a lifting capacity rating of 110 tons at the hook. This is a state-of-the-art crane equipped with an automated 20' and 40' self-correcting spreader. This mobile crane can handle various types of cargo from project, containers, heavy lifts and general cargo. We also have two ZPMC Post-Panamax Gantry cranes located on Berth 7 at Velasco Container Terminal. These cranes can lift 65 tons at the spreader and 75 tons under the hook and reach 18 across.

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What is the water depth along your docks?

Our upper harbor has a water depth of 36 feet. The channel has a water depth of 45 feet. We also have a 65 feet deep-water berth available. Velasco Container Terminal offers minimum 45 feet water depth and is designed for 50 feet long term.

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What is your current wharfage rate?

Please refer to Port Freeport Tariff No. 005.

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Can you handle Semi-submersible vessels?

Yes, but only on a limited basis. Please call the Director of Operations to make arrangements. We have a deep-water Berth dredged to 65 feet located in the upper harbor which can accommodate most vessels.

Am I restricted to using the Port's labor?
You have the option to contract your own labor and negotiate with any of the local licensed stevedores (union and/or non-union).  Here is a link to our Directory.
Is there a supply of Trucking companies?
There are several to choose from located on-site. Check our Port Directory for a list of companies and phone numbers.  Link to Directory.