What is the Community Advisory Panel?

Port Freeport is ranked among the Nation’s top 30 ports. As an economic driver in Brazoria County, the region and Texas, Port Freeport is committed to keeping local communities informed of our current operations, future activities and financial status. As a result, Port Freeport’s Commission and the Chief Executive Officer formed the “Community Advisory Panel.”

The Community Advisory Panel (CAP), formerly known as “Krewe of Port Freeport”, was established in 2009.  The CAP’s purpose is to forge a partnership based on transparency, education and receive feedback from established and interested leaders in the Port Freeport Community. Members of the panel have become the voice for Port Freeport to their communities!

Membership Entails


Each Commissioner will nominate three members, which shall include their spouses. Members must reside within the Navigation District boundaries at the time of membership and not serve any elected position. The Chief Executive Officer and Port Staff will also nominate three members, which shall include their spouses.


Each Community Advisory Panel Member shall serve a two year term. If a member misses three consecutive dinner meetings, that member shall be removed from the membership list, and the appropriate Commissioner will nominate a replacement member.

Meeting Format

Here is a glance of what our meetings look like.

The Community Advisory Panel of Port Freeport dinner meetings will be held at different venues around the Navigation District on a quarterly basis. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for the program.

  • Welcome by Chairman of Board and Chief Executive Officer
  • Overview of current Port Operations and Financial status
  • Recap of future activities and key subject manner
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Next meeting time/date and place 

If you are interested in becoming a member during the next nomination year,
please contact Jessica Follett at follett@portfreeport.com.

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"Joining the Community Advisory Panel was a great decision."

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