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Achieving Milestones Through Mutual Success

Two state-of-the-art ZPMC Post-Panamax Gantry Cranes arrived at Port Freeport and have been fully operational since October 2014. In the same year, Mediterranean Shipping Company entered into a long-term agreement with the Port and commenced their Central American Express Service, which connects their transshipment hubs in Panama and The Bahamas.

In 2015, Port Freeport reached a major milestone when our container volume throughput exceeded 125,000 TEUs. We are grateful to MSC for this new partnership, and we are very thankful for long-term customers, Great White Fleet and Dole Fresh Fruit Company, for helping us reach this milestone and for being our partners for decades.

Our ZPMC Gantry Cranes arrived end of July 2014. They are Post-Panamax ship-to-shore gantry cranes that have an outreach of 18 containers across. They are fully electric making them environmentally friendly and are capable of 35 moves per hour. The maximum safe working load per crane is 110 tons.

Container operations take place at our Berth 7, located on Velasco Container Terminal. Berth 7 has a depth of 45 feet. Once the Harbor Channel Deepening and Widening Project is complete, Berth 7 will have an operational depth of 50 feet.

container access port in texas

Velasco Container Terminal

Velasco Container Terminal is a union operated facility offering highly skilled ILA labor for operations. Ports America and Freeport Terminals are the two stevedores offering services at Velasco.

port freeport container port access

Velasco Container Port Access

Port Freeport plans to construct Berths 8 & 9 at Velasco Container Terminal. After construction, there will be 2,200 total linear feet available at the terminal plus a RoRo Ramp.

container cargo port freeport

Container Cargo at the Port

chiquita port freeport container operations

Chiquita Container Operations at Port Freeport

port freeport container operations in action

Port Freeport Container Operations In Action

container operations port freeport

Container operations at the Port

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